The Weekender: Hello Robin

Friends introduced us a few months ago to this little sweet shop on the back side of Capitol Hill, Hello Robin. Serving famed, local Molly Moons ice cream, customers can construct their own ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies such as the Mexican Flourless Chocolate, the Habanero Chocolate Chip, or the Mackels’more, named after another famous, local dual (that’s putting it rather lightly!). It’s the cookies, man. They’re the thing!

And with ice cream flavors like early grey, scout mint, and vegan coconut chunk, there’s something for everyone. This statement takes into account the occasional person who isn’t totally in the mood for sugar and would like something a little more potent. Someone like me. Someone who likes a good cup a joe.

Hello Robin features pour-over coffee, regular and decaf and it is good…


So if you’re in the Seattle Area and haven’t tried Hello Robin, do!

You’ll be happy you did.


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