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I first read Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet” in college, a copy from a friend who had received it from his hippy mother. Since then, I’ve often turned to it’s pages when I need a zen moment in the fluid busyness of everyday life. The summer is my time to recharge and reading the patient and profound ideas of those I have come to admire and learn from is one of my most energizing past times.

I’ve also be blessed to be surrounded by a network of legitimately fantastic people in my life–my family, friends, even acquaintances who have graced my days with smiles, encouragement, and yes, silliness and laughter. Because of this, Gibran’s words on friendship ring so true in my experience:

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

It is indeed the little things often brought to my attention and experience from those around me that make life so enjoyable. Elton is always amused by how far a little treat, compliment, or outing can go–I’m all smiles for hours. Days even. Good times.

May your day bring you the kinds of simple pleasures you love and appreciate most. And may we all be able to pause and notice when such refreshment comes our way.

Sun Coma

/sən/  /ˈkōmə/


a state of deep tranquility induced by exposure to spring sunlight, which first energizes, then lulls into a steady drowsiness before the best kind of nap ever.

it is likely the one experiencing a sun coma will have pleasant dreams and unique tan lines.

chores, duties, and other superfluous seriousness will be put on hold indefinitely, until the effects of the sun coma wear off completely (if ever).

my afternoon, case in point.



I Love Seattle MadLibs

One of my random treasures I spotted while waiting for my ill-fated passport photos to print yesterday was a book of Seattle-themed Madlibs. An odd, even ridiculous buy it would seem, which is spot on considering that is exactly what Madlibs are meant to be. And that’s why I love them! My first encounter with Madlibs was in grade school–someone…


Cutting the Context

Being downtown strolling through the park or seated at a local café affords one the opportunity to hear many things. Unexpected things. Surprising things. In most cases, the random nature of these snippets taken from passing conversations becomes the most alluring part–context, who needs that? That’s so dull! Quotes, half sentences, even noises heard on their own with no tiresome connective…


When words don’t work

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to go with the flow of life, engage and disengage fluidly with passing conversations, and generally take it easy, we are forced to reckon with opposition. In these moments we find that we are not Stephen Fry or Hugh Laurie or Reggie Watts, suavely able to deflect our issues with wily words. This often happens…

Delightful Disorientation

I couldn’t resist sharing another film clip of words being used in a completely unprecedented way. As established, fun with language is entertaining stuff for learned literary scholars and slang-slinging adolescents alike. We know that language itself and its perpetual evolution is a benchmark of civilization and society. It’s how we communicate and commemorate life as we know it, and it also fulfills our desire to pass the time with some laughs.

Enter Reggie Watts.

You have perhaps seen this renaissance man on Comedy Central or a Superbowl commercial or two (2014). He is a legitimate combination of rhythm, creativity, and crazy. Ever eager to explore new horizons of mental recreation, Watts postulates that perhaps what matters most is not strictly what is actually said, but what might possibly be meant. When one lets the words and ideas do the talking and not necessarily the speaker, opportunities for the avant-garde spontaneously generate.

In Watts’ words:

“And just remember everything you are is more important to realize the negative space as music is only the division of space. It is the space we are listening to divided as such which gives us the information in comparison to something other that gives us the idea of what the idea that wants to be transmitted wants to be.”

It’s all about having the right idea of what the idea wants to be–that is so true, when you think about it!

And so without further ado, let’s listen to Reggie Watts:

Amen & hallelujah.


*For more info on this wild man, see his bio on Ted Talks.