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The Friday Philosopher, Is. 3

It’s that time again! Another week, another chance to pause and ponder. You know, stuff. We happen to happily be wading in greek literature right now, thus prompting this Friday forum on free will. The Greek understanding of this is, shall we say, rather complicated. On one hand, man desires to be master of his own destiny, but gods and goddesses being who they are, and the fates being who they are, etc…well, it can get tricky. So what to do?


Life lesson here?

Go your own way!

Or something like that.

~ Happy Friday ~



On Creativity: Poet Mark Strand

“Creativity: the Psychology of Discovery and Invention”, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is not only written by an expert with a badass last name, but is a “can’t quite put it down, looking forward to when I can absorb more” kind of read. This is somewhat surprising given that the format of the book is scholarly–this isn’t a tale of fiction or…


July’s Bedside Books

Things are finally slowing down (relatively) to where I feel able to get back to my usual, heathy appetite for summer books. Savoring those pages in the sunlight not only adds some zen to my afternoons, but makes me feel like I’m smarter than you. I’m joking…mostly. Here’s what on my bedside table right now: From left to right: Jesus…

I first read Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet” in college, a copy from a friend who had received it from his hippy mother. Since then, I’ve often turned to it’s pages when I need a zen moment in the fluid busyness of everyday life. The summer is my time to recharge and reading the patient and profound ideas of those I have come to admire and learn from is one of my most energizing past times.

I’ve also be blessed to be surrounded by a network of legitimately fantastic people in my life–my family, friends, even acquaintances who have graced my days with smiles, encouragement, and yes, silliness and laughter. Because of this, Gibran’s words on friendship ring so true in my experience:

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

It is indeed the little things often brought to my attention and experience from those around me that make life so enjoyable. Elton is always amused by how far a little treat, compliment, or outing can go–I’m all smiles for hours. Days even. Good times.

May your day bring you the kinds of simple pleasures you love and appreciate most. And may we all be able to pause and notice when such refreshment comes our way.



With every spring and summer, I feel a revived sense of freedom, even though I’m also usually insanely busy. It’s all part of the familiar, pavlovian mix. This year is no different, despite the fact that it’s somehow 2015 and I’m mysteriously getting older…or so they tell me. Thankfully, I remain blissfully unaware of the danger of either of these…


Before you judge:


This is an awesome mini placard found in a community grocery store near Capitol Hill in Seattle. In this particular case, WTF is a valid question pertaining to the stomach and tasty things. Much more palatable than what it’s lost in colloquial charm, don’t you think?