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The Weekender: Hello Robin

Friends introduced us a few months ago to this little sweet shop on the back side of Capitol Hill, Hello Robin. Serving famed, local Molly Moons ice cream, customers can construct their own ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies such as the Mexican Flourless Chocolate, the Habanero Chocolate Chip, or the Mackels’more, named after another famous, local dual (that’s…

San Diego Stories: Day 4

What’s better than being a weekender in San Diego on the first day of August?


Today was spent on food, sunshine, and wandering. Incidentally, these are three of my favorite things, and I was able to do them with my favorite brother (only brother, but he’s real-world cool). Like I said, can there be a better day than this? Nope.

We pretty much haunted Pappalecco during my week stay. Little Italy isn’t far from James’ place, so it was all too easy… Pictured here, there so delicious Ovino Panini, with egg, basil, bacon, cheese, and tomato. The potatoes served alongside where dressed with fresh rosemary and olive oil. The table was silent for 15 minutes.



There was a couple kissing on a nearby roof.



Just looking for Joan…

IMG_3375No luck on Joan, yet. But as I said, we’ve been frequenting this area so there’s time.

This weekender is happy.




The Weekender: Big Events

Big Events this Weekend! Gay marriage was declared legal in the historic supreme court hearing on Friday, June 26. This of course factored into a particularly celebratory Pride Weekend here in Seattle. While obtaining some tasty tacos in Capitol Hill, we found ourselves part of a lively street fair on Broadway Ave, featuring food, racks of clothing for $5, and…


Back to the Kitchen: Day 2

Yesterday, it was a regular Sunday saturated with NFL games (football is a Clark family past time which I have happily infected Elton with; the Superbowl is a legitimate holiday) with some household work on the side: Vacuum, vacuum, whoa, the vacuum is nearly bursting with all the dusty bits I’ve been vacuuming for the last several months…perhaps I should…