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The Weekender: Café Besalu

One sweet treat stop seems to always lead to another… Sunday morning, we felt inspired to make the mini-journey to Ballard, another beloved Seattle neighborhood. My Dad and my all time favorite bakery in the city is located in a small, always-crowded-out-to-the-street shop, the very french Café Besalu. Open Wednesday through Sunday, 7am-3pm, it’s worth the drive, as stated in…


The Weekender: Hello Robin

Friends introduced us a few months ago to this little sweet shop on the back side of Capitol Hill, Hello Robin. Serving famed, local Molly Moons ice cream, customers can construct their own ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies such as the Mexican Flourless Chocolate, the Habanero Chocolate Chip, or the Mackels’more, named after another famous, local dual (that’s…

San Diego Stories: Day 6

On a previous trip, we (read: I) discovered the top-rated Mexican Bakery in San Diego, Panchitas. This is a very important fact to know if you are hispanic and love pastries. Check, check! Now, it’s a routine stop that only costs a few dollars since every item is $1 and under. Freshly made sweet breads, empanadas (pumpkin!), and other treats make for very good Monday mornings.




IMG_3472Sugar and spice and everything nice…

And crazy.




The Weekender: #sconesfordayz

This weekend’s Bellevue Art Festival features local artists and craftsmen and it is a real treat! From fabulously unique hand-carved furniture to metal gizmos with marbles in motion, there is sensory stimulus to be had (but, please no touching, or at least don’t get caught). I even managed to get Elton to come (pried him from the keyboard) and with…



And in it, a passion fruit macaroon to make all things right.

It’s the kind of scene that catapults one toward the weekend and the renaissance.


*Thank you, Elton, for the sweet treat; from Metropolitan Market Bakery



Today was a day for DONUTS. Fact is, I’m not an avid donut-eater. Usually two bites into what I had imagined would be an exceptional experience, the sweetness makes my throat hurt and about 50 oz. of water starts sounding DELICIOUS. And necessary to life on earth. Seattle’s own award-winning company, Mighty-O, is a different story–a much more edible one.…


Best Day This 2015

Today, with the help of my fabulous loved ones, I enjoyed the best day of 2015. One’s birthday is already special in general, to be sure, even if celebrated in the generic way. But a day awash with adventure certainly adds some sparkle to the whole package, making the person opening said gift (the birthday itself) exclaim, “If this isn’t…


Fun Stuff: Sugarpova’s Sporty Gumballs!

About three years ago, I encounter Sugarpova Candy in Marie Claire Magazine and was smitten. They’d photoed Maria Sharapova’s “Sporty” selection, featuring THE cutest gumballs I’d ever seen. The product is one of many chic, sugary options, whose proceeds go to Sharapova’s charity organization. I thought about ordering some online and then just never got around to it. This past…


On Miniaturism: Fig. 7

It has been far too long since we have celebrated the singular charm of tiny things! The last review of miniature items we loved was The Late Break’s Holiday Gift Guide, 12 days of small surprises for your special someones. Now that we are transitioning into spring (#praisebe), there are all manner of mini things popping up here & there.…