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I encounter an important recurring philosophical question every seven days. It occurs Sunday evenings and persists into the next day: Can Mondays be fun? … … Well. For me it’s a complex issue tied to several influential factors including: a) I hate mornings in general, being a hereditary night owl. (Household competition, “Who will be the last Clark standing tonight???”)…

The Weekender: Sun & Lemons

It’s time to bring The Weekender back! This is the identity one takes on the weekends–carefree, open to possibilities, and more aware of cool things we sometimes miss in our weekly haste to do whatever it is life has us doing so intensely.

I found this fun little keychain at H&M a few weeks ago and it’s been cheerfully keeping my keys for me since. Today in the sunshine, it seemed especially happy.


In conclusion, when life hands you lemons, you can also choose to grin!

When I hand you a lemon, it’s so you can open a door for me.




Put A Ladybug On It!

Who doesn’t love a good ode to Portlandia, that eccentric and awkwardly true to life show about our southern sister city. Do we in Seattle think we’re were it’s at? Of course, but Portland’s ok too…in a charmingly hippie sort of way with great taste in food and a city-block sized bookstore (POWELLS, how I love thee…). Today, I was happily able to convert one of Portlandia’s catch phrases into my very own:

Put A Ladybug On It!


Metropolitan Market has the cutest drink lid stickers. Simple pleasures, right?

See that sun on my legs? Yeah, that was pleasurable too.

Not bad, Mr. Monday, not bad…


(Be sure to click the link above for the original, “Put A Bird On It!”)

The Weekender: Blue Skies

No matter the actual temperature outside, I much prefer the transcendental blue of the sky to the eerie blue of a tanning bed. There’s really no contest, thankfully.

skyThis shot is from a few days ago, so here’s to hoping we get more of this over the weekend!

Go ahead, universe, treat us–after all, it’s May.




Somehow Sun-Kissed: An Overview

Last Friday, I noted the ever-more-luminous days that are upon us in this region; the sign in the sky that gives existentialists a reason to keep living, and the Vitamin D we all need to make that physically possible. Along with these optimistic effects, this strange burning orb overhead makes us react not unlike papery moths, leaving dusty trails behind…

Sun Coma

/sən/  /ˈkōmə/


a state of deep tranquility induced by exposure to spring sunlight, which first energizes, then lulls into a steady drowsiness before the best kind of nap ever.

it is likely the one experiencing a sun coma will have pleasant dreams and unique tan lines.

chores, duties, and other superfluous seriousness will be put on hold indefinitely, until the effects of the sun coma wear off completely (if ever).

my afternoon, case in point.



Dudes be like…

I don’t know what it’s like to be a dude. I’ve never been one, and don’t have plans to be (currently), but just as the female race has apparently baffled men for millennia, I think dudes are pretty interesting. I know you can’t generalize individual personalities, but as a general rule, I find the way men react to things to…

The Weekender: Winter < Spring

If sheer number of people outdoors, smiling, and enjoying time with friends, family, or even happily alone are any indication, I believe I can say with confidence that no group of citizens appreciates a sunny Winter-Turning-To-Spring afternoon like Seattlites.

Today was gorgeous–a gentle 55 degrees, which is by no means sultry, but simply sublime after days of rain & gray skies. When you can feel warmth bouncing off the windows of businesses downtown, as they reflect the sun’s smile upon you, there’s a certain inherent contentment that covers all. In the early afternoon, I took the bait to walk downtown from our apartment rather than drive due to how glorious it was on the porch. After 20 minutes of soaking in the spring-like sun, I arrived pleased with mostly everything currently going on in my universe today, and felt extra motivated while working on documents at a favorite cafe.

While yesterday’s xoxo’s may have contributed to my sunny outlook, weather like this draws one’s gaze to the little things, suddenly shimmering in their simple goodness. Here are a few shots of my day on this February 15, 2015:

Tasting the Sun & Anything Else Within Reach


Hard & Soft

Elegant Evolution




Jungle Pants

Summer in September

Somehow, someway, by some friendly twist of fate and the fan, it’s still summer in September. While not a shocker for many cities in California and Florida, for us in the Pacific Northwest, it is a phenomenon. The effect of this? Unique behaviors normally isolated to June-August have continued with an even greater zeal to escape the impending chill of autumn. September…