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Hot like Tahiti

I had an English professor who described hot, sizzling, sexy romantic youth as “Tahitian.” Dr. Wiss was about 75 years old and rather than this taking away from his proclamation, he assured us, he’d seen and done enough to know what he was talking about. OK. So here’s my version of sizzle, in the setting summer sun, on a blanket…


July’s Bedside Books

Things are finally slowing down (relatively) to where I feel able to get back to my usual, heathy appetite for summer books. Savoring those pages in the sunlight not only adds some zen to my afternoons, but makes me feel like I’m smarter than you. I’m joking…mostly. Here’s what on my bedside table right now: From left to right: Jesus…

Heat’s Got Us Like…

Charlton Heston might look like he’s handling it ok for the moment, but not for long.


Click on the link and see if you don’t whole-heatedly resonate:




*Image from cinema.theiapolis.com and special thanks to my friend Steve for putting together this spot-on clip from Cecil B DeMille’s 1956, “The Ten Commandments.”

Our Kind of Happy Hour


 A few last shots…

This is the relaxed, stylish ending to a rather sizzling soccer session. It was a little sunnier and hotter than we’d anticipated, but the consolation is we got our SWEAT in for the day and I was able to document all my progress with my Apple watch! It’s always the small things that make me forget about discomfort, for a while anyway. Last night I reread my first entries on this blog, dramatically titled “Will Soccer Make Me Single?” and “More About Soccer Than Any Of Us Foresaw,” which chronicle my love/hate relationship with soccer–these days, it’s a lot more love than hate, but reading about my misadventures made me laugh. Those were the days! I say this while currently nursing some serious bruises on both legs from errant kicks and blocks this past week. Battle scars? That’s the story I’m advertising!

Once home from our afternoon excursion, I actually managed to muster the perseverance to do the ab workout and pull-ups. I think perhaps the heat made me delirious and I didn’t know what I was doing and could therefore feel no more pain. Another consolation.

Now I’m sitting here looking forward to a Date Night Dinner, location TBD, but nice all the same. I think I even look mostly presentable despite my vim and vigor a mere hour ago. Hope your midweek has been just as fine and that your evening holds some rest and relaxation to your liking. Here’s to finding your own Happy Hour!



Yesterday’s post has more to do with encouraging a free spirit about self than actually letting oneself totally GO. This is to say that I want to advocate for each of us being healthfully ourselves and not impossible replicas of magazine cover girls. (Side note: Clones are creepy anyway.) I read an article today surveying Millennial’s Top Beauty Brands. In…


Apple Watch, What???

This happened today. AHHHHHH! This is what happens when you have the good fortune to sponsor THE best group of seniors this 2015. Their gift to me was, to say the least, extravagant and SO COOL. Congratulations again, class! As I’ve said, you all truly do rock. I’m now learning all the necessary techy tidbits, but so far, the Apple…


Black Light

It should be rather clear at this point that I LOVE SUMMER. Specifically, I love mid to upper 70s, the warmth of the sun, the refreshment of the breeze, the sparkle of water, the bloom of floral, the savory scent of herbs…I can keep going–you got it? Fine, fine… Point being, it’s a good time of year that elicits much…


Somehow Sun-Kissed: Do It Yourself

Ok, so when the sun beats your brow all the way back inside and the tanning bed feels like a frightening union of human experimentation and solitary confinement inside a tesseract, it’s time to find healthier, lower stake options. On the market today are myriad products for how to “get tan quick” and even look relatively natural–win! Of course, this is…

The Weekender: Blue Skies

No matter the actual temperature outside, I much prefer the transcendental blue of the sky to the eerie blue of a tanning bed. There’s really no contest, thankfully.

skyThis shot is from a few days ago, so here’s to hoping we get more of this over the weekend!

Go ahead, universe, treat us–after all, it’s May.