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San Diego Stories: Day 5

HWY 1 Road Trip!

From San Diego, we headed north to the fanciness of Dana Point & Laguna Beach. Bumpin’ to Spotify’s #SundayFunday playlist set the proper tone with songs like “Cheerleader” (OMIi), “Honey, I’m Good” (Andy Grammar), and “The Walker” (Fitz & the Tantrums). In fact, you should probably tune up these to conjure up your own beach mood as you continue reading.

Here’s “Cheerleader” for your convenience:

Let’s drive!









San Diego Stories: Day 4

What’s better than being a weekender in San Diego on the first day of August?


Today was spent on food, sunshine, and wandering. Incidentally, these are three of my favorite things, and I was able to do them with my favorite brother (only brother, but he’s real-world cool). Like I said, can there be a better day than this? Nope.

We pretty much haunted Pappalecco during my week stay. Little Italy isn’t far from James’ place, so it was all too easy… Pictured here, there so delicious Ovino Panini, with egg, basil, bacon, cheese, and tomato. The potatoes served alongside where dressed with fresh rosemary and olive oil. The table was silent for 15 minutes.



There was a couple kissing on a nearby roof.



Just looking for Joan…

IMG_3375No luck on Joan, yet. But as I said, we’ve been frequenting this area so there’s time.

This weekender is happy.



Beach Body



I haven’t actually ventured down to the beach yet this summer, but when I do–and I will soon–I’m keeping this encouraging outline in mind. My tits won’t quite have as dramatic an effect, but I’m confident I could pull off the hairy part easily in a few days. I’ll effectively be spending as much time prepping for my beach trip as other females the western world over, only with polar opposite intentions. More hair! Less care!

Are you with me?


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 1.40.38 PM

Up for an island adventure?

Island life is perhaps one of the more idyllic common dreams shared by members of modern society. There’s something innately escapist and exuberant about the possibility of forsaking mainland madness and retreating to a cabana somewhere away from it all. Our consuming modern lifestyles are in part to blame–we just need a damn break–but the idea of oasis long precludes…


Black Light

It should be rather clear at this point that I LOVE SUMMER. Specifically, I love mid to upper 70s, the warmth of the sun, the refreshment of the breeze, the sparkle of water, the bloom of floral, the savory scent of herbs…I can keep going–you got it? Fine, fine… Point being, it’s a good time of year that elicits much…

Put A Ladybug On It!

Who doesn’t love a good ode to Portlandia, that eccentric and awkwardly true to life show about our southern sister city. Do we in Seattle think we’re were it’s at? Of course, but Portland’s ok too…in a charmingly hippie sort of way with great taste in food and a city-block sized bookstore (POWELLS, how I love thee…). Today, I was happily able to convert one of Portlandia’s catch phrases into my very own:

Put A Ladybug On It!


Metropolitan Market has the cutest drink lid stickers. Simple pleasures, right?

See that sun on my legs? Yeah, that was pleasurable too.

Not bad, Mr. Monday, not bad…


(Be sure to click the link above for the original, “Put A Bird On It!”)