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Iril Apfel, you make me less scared of aging every time I see you! I’ve enjoyed Mrs. Apfel’s interviews and photos (via Manrepeller, Vogue, etc.), then I was reminded of the documentary, “Iris,” produced this year by director Albert Maysles (2015). If you love fashion, flair, wit, confidence, the cutest near centennial, and old couples in love, this documentary is for you.…


Nike Love

Long ago, I resigned myself to not being eligible to purchase shoes online because at size 5.5-6, shoes are a) not available or b) inevitably too big, too wide, too bulky anyway. I haven’t quite figured out how photos of shoes online translate to real-life wear apparently. My orders so far have been mainly failed missions resulting in clown feet…

San Diego Stories: Day 1

Every 3-5 months, the urge hits me: the need to for the solace and comic relief that only one thing can bring…


This go around, we’d hoped to rally the Clark Clan for our usual fiesta, but unfortunately schedules conflicted so that it’s a Sibling Summer Weekend in San Diego!

James has lived in SD for a few years now and it’s always been one of our absolute favorite cities to visit, from the time my great grandmother lived here when I was a girl. James had his sights set on the area, followed through, and though we are now living farther apart than we’d like, at least it’s a bitchin’ place to go to!

Sublime weather

Foodie dives

Urban boutiques

CA shopping

Beach ‘burbs

Legitimate Italians in Little Italy

What more could a visitor need, right? Not much, my friends, not much.

Happily I booked my trip and smiled broadly each time my iPhone reminded me that I had an upcoming flight. Today was the day and had me ready for takeoff…

Thanks, new Moleskin packaging, for the support!


At the airport, a glance down had me feelin’ fancy.


Clark Clan Forever!


Good times with this Cool Kid:


So far, so GOOD.

Hope your summer holds one last hurrah (or more)!



Something about Marc…

Indeed there IS something about Marc that always appeals to me. Maybe it’s his playful design aesthetic, his rejection of gender “rules,” or the fact that he’s one fine looking 52 year old man. Probably all of the above. I was first introduced to Marc’s story through a bio video which I can’t even remember the source of (I’ll have…


The Jumpsuit

So JUMPSUITS! What do you think? Are you a fan of the full body drapery or do you flee in the face of these onesies? I think it’s safe to say that while 10, even 5 years ago we would have probably LOL’d at the suggested wardrobe addition, now we are more open minded about the chic comfort that is…


Black Light

It should be rather clear at this point that I LOVE SUMMER. Specifically, I love mid to upper 70s, the warmth of the sun, the refreshment of the breeze, the sparkle of water, the bloom of floral, the savory scent of herbs…I can keep going–you got it? Fine, fine… Point being, it’s a good time of year that elicits much…