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Last summer I had a confession to make: for me, Orchids = Obsession. The word obsession is a tricky one–it denotes the designated discomfort as a response to some unhealthy appetite for possibly some unhealthy thing. However, at the same time, it also conjures up a certain intrigue, a curiosity over possibly something very mysteriously magnetic, moving even. Those things…

The Weekender: Blue Skies

No matter the actual temperature outside, I much prefer the transcendental blue of the sky to the eerie blue of a tanning bed. There’s really no contest, thankfully.

skyThis shot is from a few days ago, so here’s to hoping we get more of this over the weekend!

Go ahead, universe, treat us–after all, it’s May.



Sun Coma

/sən/  /ˈkōmə/


a state of deep tranquility induced by exposure to spring sunlight, which first energizes, then lulls into a steady drowsiness before the best kind of nap ever.

it is likely the one experiencing a sun coma will have pleasant dreams and unique tan lines.

chores, duties, and other superfluous seriousness will be put on hold indefinitely, until the effects of the sun coma wear off completely (if ever).

my afternoon, case in point.


May Day

orchidsOh look, more orchids!

Metropolitan Market is currently boasting a positively overwhelming selection of orchids in complimenting blushing shades. I’m refraining from buying the entire display.

The facts are that we still must have flowers and that today, May 1, is the perfect time to share spring’s blooms.

I applaud those demonstrating today for heartfelt causes and movements, but in the chaos of this world, I am also thankful for the simplicity of flowers.

Happy May Day!

(We’ll talk more about the incredulity of May later; for now, let’s luxuriate in flowers!)


The Essentials

I went to the store for groceries…



I did manage to squeeze in a few food items as well, since I was there. Every spring a similar phenomena occurs where one day it’s still winter and then bam! Let’s photosynthesize! I include myself there in that “let’s”–I may not be as good at it as the flowers, but I too produce some serious energy when touched by the sun. The pace quickens, the smile broadens, and I start buying flowers.

This basket handily illustrates my favorite varieties too: orchids (a personal obsession) and succulents (hard to kill). These two balance each other out nicely in extravagance & chic practicality.

What are your garden go-tos?

Green thumb or brown fingernails from burying the dead? (Let’s not use that out of context, now…)

Share your favorites below!


The Weekender: Hey there!

It’s the weekend again! Is it becoming clear that we are weekend people? We really are. This morning when I woke it, I said “Hey!” to the sun to get things going… A weekend doodle was in order to commemorate the moment. After this, we took off to enjoy ourselves some early spring weather downtown, with bright colors more in…

The Weekender: Winter < Spring

If sheer number of people outdoors, smiling, and enjoying time with friends, family, or even happily alone are any indication, I believe I can say with confidence that no group of citizens appreciates a sunny Winter-Turning-To-Spring afternoon like Seattlites.

Today was gorgeous–a gentle 55 degrees, which is by no means sultry, but simply sublime after days of rain & gray skies. When you can feel warmth bouncing off the windows of businesses downtown, as they reflect the sun’s smile upon you, there’s a certain inherent contentment that covers all. In the early afternoon, I took the bait to walk downtown from our apartment rather than drive due to how glorious it was on the porch. After 20 minutes of soaking in the spring-like sun, I arrived pleased with mostly everything currently going on in my universe today, and felt extra motivated while working on documents at a favorite cafe.

While yesterday’s xoxo’s may have contributed to my sunny outlook, weather like this draws one’s gaze to the little things, suddenly shimmering in their simple goodness. Here are a few shots of my day on this February 15, 2015:

Tasting the Sun & Anything Else Within Reach


Hard & Soft

Elegant Evolution




On a day like today:


It was another delightfully sunny day here, a rare and ecstatically appreciated gift in January. Seattle is notorious for these glorious glimpses which remind us this is a preternaturally beautiful place and that we adore it here…until the next rain cloud again covers the sun and the colors. Then suddenly I’m quite comfortable lazing in bed for indeterminate hours (Netflix, anyone? If not, that’s ok, I can marathon better alone).  But then the rays peak through, you can be sure I’m up and joining the congregation in counting them blessings in a praise style worthy of the church pews. Only we’re outside, and loving it.