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August’s Read: The Universe Next Door

I’m sneaking this post in at the end of August, but I’ve been perusing this book all throughout the month in preparation for one of my favorite courses to teach, World Literature & Philosophy. Yes, with school time comes “serious reading,” which thankfully, I’m a fan of. I wouldn’t be a very good advocate for transcendental  and transformational words if…


July’s Bedside Books

Things are finally slowing down (relatively) to where I feel able to get back to my usual, heathy appetite for summer books. Savoring those pages in the sunlight not only adds some zen to my afternoons, but makes me feel like I’m smarter than you. I’m joking…mostly. Here’s what on my bedside table right now: From left to right: Jesus…

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”   -Mark Twain

Unashamedly my summer mantra! I enjoy pairing it with iced Americanos, biscotti, blueberries, and the occasional scoop of icy gelato (on a cone, always). Cheers!

What’s your formula for summer smiles?


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Yeah, that caught your attention. Or did it just catch mine? Instagram account “Hot Dudes Reading” posts this kind of alluring eye candy for a cause. Double yum! Charity organization “First Book” provides books to children in need and have a goal of reaching $50,000 to buy books for 20,000 kids. Pedestrian photographers can get involved by snapping photos of…


The Orchid Thief

I read the book The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession in 2010. A friend had recommended it and the title intrigued me, something about the mischievous word “thief.” It was also nonfiction narrative which I was intentionally trying to dabble in more–as a child I’d been a fiction fan through and through. I wanted to go places…