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Apple Watch, What???

This happened today. AHHHHHH! This is what happens when you have the good fortune to sponsor THE best group of seniors this 2015. Their gift to me was, to say the least, extravagant and SO COOL. Congratulations again, class! As I’ve said, you all truly do rock. I’m now learning all the necessary techy tidbits, but so far, the Apple…


Fun Stuff: Sugarpova’s Sporty Gumballs!

About three years ago, I encounter Sugarpova Candy in Marie Claire Magazine and was smitten. They’d photoed Maria Sharapova’s “Sporty” selection, featuring THE cutest gumballs I’d ever seen. The product is one of many chic, sugary options, whose proceeds go to Sharapova’s charity organization. I thought about ordering some online and then just never got around to it. This past…


The Animal Parade of Months

Today while out and about I spotted an establishment that has been a constant temptation for me since its discovery. A bar? A tavern? A decadent dessert cafe? Wait, strip club? Porn shop? NO. It’s Paper Source. I am an absolute sucker for all things paper, making even walking in the door of this shop a dangerous decision. It’s a…


The End

A new, fun addition to the house arrived the other day–The End Bookend! I wanted to add a little flair and drama in general to our place and was pleased to make this find: My penchant for peppy products is satisfied. I have a few other decor ideas for this winter, including some unconventional holiday ones. We’ll see how those turn…

Get Crafty

Sometimes when the urge to be creative comes, the real problem is deciding in which genre and with what project you want to get busy with. So many choices! Drawing, composing a song, editing a photo,  refurbishing a couch, whipping up a new recipe…

For those whose stick figures need powers of interpretation, there’s even paint-by-number and of course, Pinterest, where all would-be-someday-likely-never ideas can be filed away for eternity, as long as the internet lasts.

There’s also a boutique in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle (mecca of eclecticism) with a handy little kit on sale. Unfortunately the shop was closed so I wasn’t able to investigate the contents, but with this product name, it’s bound to be pretty engaging.

craftyCharming and inspiring, no?

It’s time to get crafty!



Pumpkin Paraphernalia

Yesterday began an exploration (a brainstorming session really) of how to whole-heartedly celebrate this season of the orange orb, or at the least, survive it with flying colors. We left off with visions of reincarnating as Martha Stewart, astounding all with our superhuman abilities to render autumn edible. However, if you’re not the DIY type and the very thought of buying…