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Memories of Peru…

I’m working on posting my photos from the trip on the dates they were taken, so you’ll have to jump back a page or two to see them in all their humble glory in a few days. For now, here are a few of my favorite shots from our tour!




Pictured here: Coca Tea (yep, the plant from whence cocaine is derived, but I assure you that in its dry form, it’s benign.); Llama ‘Tud; and Traditional Weave De Colores.

More to be posted soon!


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March 31, 2015 | Peru

Homeward Bound! But first a few last snapshots of Cuzco & Lima: Zapateria Ceiling Art, Cuzco Vegan Cafe Plastic Bottle Light Fixture (“Green Restaurant”, Cuzco, delicious!) And for the carnivores: (maybe?) Stylish Lima Signage Weird Collision of Man Selling Stamps with Airline Billboard in Foreground Home! Unfortunately, I did what one should NEVER do in an airport and ate a…

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March 30, 2015 | Urubamba & the Fertile Plain, Peru

Our drive to and from Cuzco held wonders as well. Peru’s fertile plain produces most of its agriculture, as established by the Incans. Stops included a Llama & Incan Wool Weaving Center and famed potter Pablo Seminaries’ Studio. This little Coqueta lived in Seminaries’ courtyard. Besos! This part of the trip was truly inspiring for me in an artistic sense–such…

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March 29, 2015 | Cuzco, Peru

More views of Cuzco and its treasures: Cuzco Cityscape – The Seat of the former Incan Empire A cup of steeped Coca Leaf Tea, helpful for coping with the altitude of 11,000 feet. Palm Sunday – A busy & celebratory time Christ the Redeemer – the Peruvian version Cuzco was fantastic! Would definitely return, especially since I have to bring…

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March 26, 2015 | Iquitos, Peru

On to the Amazon! (Bucket List Item – Check) A boat trip in, overnight stay, scary episode with a thunder bolt, fire ants, and no running water, turns out we still had more adventure to experience after Iquitos… My new buddy, Sid, from Monkey Island: “The Claw” Lots of laughter, some fear of escaped pythons, some terror of “tame” island…


March 19, 2015 | Iquitos, Peru

Today, our group took a tour of the Belen open air market and neighborhood, one of the most impoverished areas in Iquitos. There were many visuals to capture one’s attention along our stroll. Photo 1? A classic combination of the mercado’s wares and wears! The “Sexy” blue shirt was spotted on an elderly shopper. Oh yes. Photo 2? This is…


Like a Jungle Drum

Another important date has arrived–March 16, 2015, the day before I leave for two weeks to Peru. !!! It’s a volunteer work trip that seems guaranteed to have a proper dose of adventure and hopefully, I’ll not need to access the pink bottle of Pepto in my suitcase. Our destination is Iquitos, Peru, the largest city bordering the Amazon Rainforest.…