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Balloons & Bingo

“So Fred, do you want to come over and join us?” “I know what you want me tah do,” “Oh yes? What is that, Fred?” “You want me tah spank ya!” Sometimes age doesn’t matter.  Sometimes 89 and 42 can work. At least in a nursing home. Fred lives there, the nurse might feel like it, but in actuality, “purely…


Café Creepin

As damningly evidenced on this blog, I am a café, bakery, and coffee shop frequenter. It is not uncommon to find me dipping into these establishments 2, 3, even 4 times a week, though 3 is probably my standard. I go to partake in their edible and drinkable delights of course, but because I’ve taken to working on writing or…


July’s Bedside Books

Things are finally slowing down (relatively) to where I feel able to get back to my usual, heathy appetite for summer books. Savoring those pages in the sunlight not only adds some zen to my afternoons, but makes me feel like I’m smarter than you. I’m joking…mostly. Here’s what on my bedside table right now: From left to right: Jesus…

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”   -Mark Twain

Unashamedly my summer mantra! I enjoy pairing it with iced Americanos, biscotti, blueberries, and the occasional scoop of icy gelato (on a cone, always). Cheers!

What’s your formula for summer smiles?




Wait for it… Waiting is not my favorite past time. In fact, for me it is one of the more agonizing ways to past the time because waiting implies there is something better or anticipated about to happen and that it is TAKING A LONG TIME.  It begins with fidgeting, continues with constant checking of the time, escalates into fatalistic…


All That Jazz

Today’s news? Passport Success! (In the wake of failure!) Bling Bling Bag Purchase!! And two coveted tickets to see the legendary jazz pianists Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea!!! More on the first two later, but this last one… Yeah, we’re excited. Take away message from the day? It was a much better Thursday than last Thursday. Is this what happens…