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Excursions: Rosario Marine Station

Job perks include school trips here and there–for instance, during my educational extravaganza, I’ve traveled to such locales as Mexico, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Belize, and Peru. !!!! I know. It’s even crazy for me to list out, honestly. Talk about fortunate. Annually, our school heads north to an equally as gorgeous and inspiring realm, the…


The Weekender: Nature Advice

So, you’ve got plans in the great outdoors this weekend? You’re thinking about it? Well, I’m always an advocate for some fresh air, but do consider: Keep both eyes open, you know? Especially for any movement in the trees… It probably seems like I’m hating on Mother Nature, which isn’t exactly the case. I’m just vigilant about outdoor escapades that…


Lately things around here have been HECTIC. I feel like everyone I’ve talked to agrees–something about this time of year is wild! But it’s also wildly sublime on days like today, so it felt especially good to take a break from my to-do list (it may or may not have tear stains spattered on it), head over to Magnuson Park for a rousing soccer game and then bask in the peacefulness of this scene:


That sky, that water!

I left feeling refreshed and ready to get shit done. Good deal! Incidentally, this evening has been exceptionally productive, which is why I’m blogging at 1:29am. Ask me tomorrow about my current enthusiasm–or don’t. Let’s just enjoy it for now, with the harmonies of blue filtering through the hush of dreams.

Wood Work

After our trip to CA, what’s better than going to work meetings all day? Almost nothing, am I right?

In all actuality, the meetings were quite tolerable. I was able to get some paperwork done (after putting it off and off and off for too many days). And best of all, I was able to DOODLE. Doodling is the past time that best tricks my brain into thinking I have nothing else to worry about or bother over. It’s a suspended, temporary kind of tranquility that may be illusionary, but is the most relaxing way to spend 20 minutes I can think of.

Today, nature was the inspiration to this natural inclination to put black pen to white paper:



*Materials: new favorite pen, Paper Mate’s Ink Flair, in black; trusty moleskin; inky hand



Urban Myths – Ch. 4

For the last three days, I have been shamelessly misinterpreting the intent of outdoor escape photos in order to explain how they seem to me. Have my conclusions been constructed of grossly fanciful overstatements? YES! My analysis is simply the other side of the stylized spectrum, so it’s necessary. The truth is I don’t actually hate adventures in nature; still, having…


Urban Myths – Ch. 3

This is the third chapter in our series “Urban Myths,” where we’re delving into the glamour portrayed in photos of outdoor escapades. And today, our subject has done just that–delved into mountain waters there for the relishing, and possibly the rethinking. This shot definitely caught my attention for a couple of reasons. Doesn’t it sound simply heavenly to be able…


Urban Myths – Ch. 2

The glam of glamping is my favorite part…to snicker at. Yesterday began our series on “Urban Myths,” and today we continue with another photo that I like to call, “The Be Careful Canoe:” This photo makes me want to die with the exquisite moment of love captured, magical mists included, and the backdrop of fall’s rich, earthy colors encircling them.…


Urban Myths – Ch. 1

Migration to big cities these days is understandable–with today’s economic climate, it follows that going to areas of greater commerce and industry is wise, especially for college grads or anyone on the job hunt. Note: If only the job hunt was as fun as “hunt” might imply: as in “treasure hunt,” “scavenger hunt” or “easter egg hunt”…And yet as we…