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When it rains…

When you’re asked to sing for a wedding, you practice the song, you show up for rehearsal and realize it’s a different song they want, you practice the new song 20 times in the two days before the event, you discover with certainty that you are not Sara Bareilles, you key the song down two steps in an effort to…

Summer Jams: OMI’s Cheerleader

While road tripping up the coast, James and I rocked out to Spotify’s “#SundayFunday” playlist which featured a song that’s been my feel good jam ever since: OMI’s Cheerleader.

Charming, lighthearted, and had Elton saying, “This song is about you!”

I loved that too.

Do you know the song? Take a listen…

Sounds like summer lovin’ to me.


We’re listening to…

Marian Hill! This artistic duo, Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd, hails from New York and is creating a following. I encountered them while listening to the “Creative Mood” Spotify Playlist. It was a fitting list for their work to be included in. You can read more about their sensual style here, “Marian Hill Makes Sax-ual Music.” (It’s true!) So far…

Cool & Complex

Last night’s concert was transcendental. Hypnotic. Intergalactic. Not containable on a musical staff.

Cool & complex!

Most of the night was a collection of pieces delivered intimately and intricately by Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea on a magic carpet ride of artistry. The concert as a whole was very postmodern classical, which Elton somewhat lamented since he’d been looking forward to his “funk.” I, however, found the experience quite enchanting.

The night did end with a encore of crowd favorites though–first “Spain,” by Corea, and then “Cantaloupe Island” & “Watermelon Man” by Hancock. A fun way to end the night!

“Spain” is a hot tune and in my search for a good version to post here, I came across this one, which was pretty much “all of the things” when it comes to avant grade artists. Enjoy!

Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea In Concert!

March 14 has been on our calendar for a while now since we learned that jazz legends Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea would be launching a new tour here at Seattle’s Paramount Theater. The day has arrived–so excited!




The duo has come together after 37 years for 2015 World Tour, with Seattle as their first gig (That’s what I’m talking about!). Their joint legacy dates back to the 1960s when the pair worked in Miles Davis’ band. Imagining the raw talent, dedication, and intimacy in the industry of those days makes me wish I could be transported back to observe for a while. Herbie Hancock’s vivid description of that time period is the next best thing:

These two greats performing alone together on grand pianos & synthesizers has all the makings of a historic evening, which I am about to go get ready for NOW…

For more info about this tour, check out this article and interview by OKP.







All That Jazz

Today’s news? Passport Success! (In the wake of failure!) Bling Bling Bag Purchase!! And two coveted tickets to see the legendary jazz pianists Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea!!! More on the first two later, but this last one… Yeah, we’re excited. Take away message from the day? It was a much better Thursday than last Thursday. Is this what happens…


Digital Witness

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s on my playlist these days. We are Spotify users, and in addition to having all of the songs all of the time all at my fingertips, it also compiles clever playlists for any purpose under the sun. Last Friday I clicked on “Creative Boost” because, hell, it was the weekend and therefore…


Double Take

This past weekend, the Grammy’s offered not only awards for music industry stars, but also original productions of its own for audience enjoyment. While the musical performances are the first to come to mind when speaking of productions that revel riveted fans, they are not the only source of entertainment in a show like the Grammy’s. There are many more things to take…

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.28.25 PM

Happy Holidays Remix!

Ah yes, another Christmas song to add to your playlist: Bing Crosby’s classic “Happy Holidays,” remixed by Beef Wellington (produced by Six Degrees Records, 2003). It’s so catchy! I heard it for the first time last year (late on the good stuff, I know, I know…). It’s the ultimately charming mix of 1940s harmonic vocals and the lively beat added…

Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas”


Are you feeling the buried by the holiday craze?

Running from store to store after circling in the parking lot for 20 minutes looking for parking?

Searching frantically on the internet for gifts, an endeavor you thought would be easier than braving the mall?

Prepping for the school Christmas programs and spending way too much at Jo-Anns for those costumes and crafts?

Maybe you are bracing yourself for those infamous family members about to deck your halls?

Or perhaps you just finished eating a delicious dinner, have a warm drink in hand and are ready to peacefully call it a day.

In the case of any of the above, it’s time for Donny Hathaway’s motown tune, “This Christmas” for ultimate relaxation and old school charm, a must-have on the holiday playlist.

It makes me happy, and it just might do the same for you too. Cheers!


*Image from gorgeousingrey.com