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Hot like Tahiti

I had an English professor who described hot, sizzling, sexy romantic youth as “Tahitian.” Dr. Wiss was about 75 years old and rather than this taking away from his proclamation, he assured us, he’d seen and done enough to know what he was talking about. OK. So here’s my version of sizzle, in the setting summer sun, on a blanket…

San Diego Stories: Day 7

Last day, last stops, and last laughs, until next time!

Thanks, James, for the best week with the best brother.

You rock.


I hate goodbyes, but at least I’m headed home to another favorite person, Elton.

I hope your summer has afforded you the opportunity to spend it with the ones you love as well!



Anniversary Day!

The sappiness continues! We went to Vancouver, BC, on our honeymoon three years ago, so we decided to return for a day of fun lovin’. A happy Hotwire deal for a 4 star hotel, passports in hand, and Spotify blasting our favorite tunes, we hit the road and continued to entertain ourselves with the kind of humor only permissible with…


Reliving Love

I can’t actually remember when my husband Elton and I started officially dating. It was one of those natural, irresistible progressions from friendship to interest to dating exclusively. The kind that you don’t see coming (at all!) but are super excited about when it hits. Our romance is one of our favorite stories, I suppose that’s true of most couples–am…

To the Moon & Back!

One day is really not enough to commemorate everything our mamas do for us, but at least there is today to get the party started! I’m not with my mom today, so to send her my love, I sent her evidence of her love for me.

Mama & Me

That’s one hot mama, if I do say. Thanks for the genes, Mom – I only hope I have some of your sparkle. I love these photos because of our smiles. Blessed with a happy and wholesome childhood, the good times have continued. Lots to be thankful for, namely my mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all too!

Metaphors for Love

imageThe necessaries: fun paper, stickers, glitter, balloons, & lots of love.

This was Bae’s card. For more on “bae,” refer again to Manrepeller’s 14 Words of 2014. Added to the scene is our cool 3D Paper Zoo Calendar for February. This is what happens when I go to Paper Source. When I finally left the store, I had no idea how long I’d been there. Thankfully money remains in the bank account, and heart balloons are scattered on the floor.





V Day Approaches

Alright guys, is the petal path being laid? Have you remembered to purchase the roses? Have I just rang the last minute alarm and provoked subsequent panic over what magic to pull out of your hat? (or other end) Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming, as I was reminded today when an overseas friend wished me an early happy holiday, since…