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Tuesday Protest

We’ve established the rather harsh reality that is Monday (every Monday, to be clear), but then there’s its somewhat evil twin, Tuesday. Despite the sleepiness, and perhaps because of it, one is able to sort of drift through Monday in a haze that hopefully lands one back at home in the afternoon. Ah, we made it! is the feeling. Tuesday,…

Monday Morning Metamorphosis

That was my plan today.


And it worked!

Not only did I get complimented straight away from a Kafka-lover, but I accomplished quite a bit today–including a turkey & cheese croissant, housecleaning, a soccer workout, and reading more of my latest morsel, “Creativity: the psychology of discovery and invention.” Very engaging. As was my day in general.

Right after I snapped this pic, I sat pondering my good fortune–only a few hours into my day and already everything was going well. I was munching on my favorite breakfast, great coffee in hand, progress being made on writing projects, a nice day out. I emitted a sigh of contentment.

Then I walked back to my car, parked in the same lot I always use when downtown. A telltale white envelope was wedged under my windshield wiper–what? A parking ticket. Really??? The formerly free parking lot is now $1/hour all day. Great! Really???

Murphy’s law on Monday, man…

But it was still a good one, once I continued my trajectory of getting shit done. Lesson learned? Don’t let the one, malicious negative overtake the positives, even though we love to revel in the rough stuff as humans. I usually opt for more of the FEEL MY PAIN response, but it was better not to do that today, thereby holding onto my claim of owning Monday.

Second lesson is one should read signage in parking lots. But it’s whatever, if you want it to be.

Hope your day was one of productive positivity as well!


Let us commence!

It’s been QUITE the weekend due to graduation at the high school where we work. I’m the senior class sponsor, so my duties have been extensive, and were made more so by a small added detail: Elton and I were asked to speak for Commencement! I know, wild, right? We actually spoken before for other years and other grad programs–including…


“If this isn’t nice…”

We’ve talked about grim grumbles these last few gray days, so today I unearthed a quote from author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. that, in my opinion, puts life into perspective nicely. Vonnegut is one of my favorite sages to turn to when advice is needed, and this particular snippet comes from a university graduation address that I sincerely would have liked to…


Say My Name

Ooo, are we gonna talk about sex??? Not exactly. But we are going to talk about a topic only made possible by sex. [Scene: 1983, a couple sit facing forward, fluffy & fashionable in appearance (hair, clothing)] “We’re pregnant.” Expressions of surprise and then excitement appear. An absence of birth control has resulted in the materializing of their miraculous firstborn.…


My Day in Random Pictures

My day was a lot busier than I’d anticipated after the long weekend. Perhaps my reckless late nights (bad habit!), lazy three days (naps!), and putting off tasks (I’ll vacuum tomorrow!) set me up for being overwhelmed by it. This morning when the alarm rang just a mere five hours after I’d set it, my silent monologue read, “Nooooooo;” I was…

When in work meetings…

I tend to doodle. Here’s today’s ditty, sent to my Top 4 People in the Universe (certainly in Planet Earth): Dad, Mom, Brother, and Elton. You guys are the best. At least in my opinion.


And in a world where things get a little topsy, turvy, and twisted, this is something I cherish everyday. Favorites are good to have.

Who or what is your fave???