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San Diego Stories: Day 7

Last day, last stops, and last laughs, until next time!

Thanks, James, for the best week with the best brother.

You rock.


I hate goodbyes, but at least I’m headed home to another favorite person, Elton.

I hope your summer has afforded you the opportunity to spend it with the ones you love as well!


San Diego Stories: Day 6

On a previous trip, we (read: I) discovered the top-rated Mexican Bakery in San Diego, Panchitas. This is a very important fact to know if you are hispanic and love pastries. Check, check! Now, it’s a routine stop that only costs a few dollars since every item is $1 and under. Freshly made sweet breads, empanadas (pumpkin!), and other treats make for very good Monday mornings.




IMG_3472Sugar and spice and everything nice…

And crazy.



San Diego Stories: Day 4

What’s better than being a weekender in San Diego on the first day of August?


Today was spent on food, sunshine, and wandering. Incidentally, these are three of my favorite things, and I was able to do them with my favorite brother (only brother, but he’s real-world cool). Like I said, can there be a better day than this? Nope.

We pretty much haunted Pappalecco during my week stay. Little Italy isn’t far from James’ place, so it was all too easy… Pictured here, there so delicious Ovino Panini, with egg, basil, bacon, cheese, and tomato. The potatoes served alongside where dressed with fresh rosemary and olive oil. The table was silent for 15 minutes.



There was a couple kissing on a nearby roof.



Just looking for Joan…

IMG_3375No luck on Joan, yet. But as I said, we’ve been frequenting this area so there’s time.

This weekender is happy.




A Thursday Throwback: Let’s Roll.

This was the expression my L.A.-raised Dad used when it was time to leave home for some exciting destination. Destinations for me are usually exciting, historically, when every chance to explore the world is considered a treat–especially if a treat is involved! Did someone say Dairy Queen Blizzard? Cause this 8 year old is out the doorrrrr… Let’s roll! Even…

I first read Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet” in college, a copy from a friend who had received it from his hippy mother. Since then, I’ve often turned to it’s pages when I need a zen moment in the fluid busyness of everyday life. The summer is my time to recharge and reading the patient and profound ideas of those I have come to admire and learn from is one of my most energizing past times.

I’ve also be blessed to be surrounded by a network of legitimately fantastic people in my life–my family, friends, even acquaintances who have graced my days with smiles, encouragement, and yes, silliness and laughter. Because of this, Gibran’s words on friendship ring so true in my experience:

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

It is indeed the little things often brought to my attention and experience from those around me that make life so enjoyable. Elton is always amused by how far a little treat, compliment, or outing can go–I’m all smiles for hours. Days even. Good times.

May your day bring you the kinds of simple pleasures you love and appreciate most. And may we all be able to pause and notice when such refreshment comes our way.

To the Moon & Back!

One day is really not enough to commemorate everything our mamas do for us, but at least there is today to get the party started! I’m not with my mom today, so to send her my love, I sent her evidence of her love for me.

Mama & Me

That’s one hot mama, if I do say. Thanks for the genes, Mom – I only hope I have some of your sparkle. I love these photos because of our smiles. Blessed with a happy and wholesome childhood, the good times have continued. Lots to be thankful for, namely my mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all too!


National Sibling Day!

Ah, Sibling Day… The word sibling always brings a smile to my face for two reasons: 1) I happen to have a pretty stupendous sibling, and 2) I once coerced him into singing and dancing to a rendition of Bing Crosby & Danny Kay’s hilarious “Sisters” from “White Christmas.” If you’ve seen this classic film, you know the song I…

I hate goodbyes.

We had the good fortune of having family visit for the holidays, which always makes for a grand time. There’s an abundance of laughter, wild comments, food, and exploring that speaks to our all being related and nourishes my soul. But then, all visits must come to an end and goodbyes said. This is the part I hate because saying goodbye blows.

So, to pass the time like I usually do, doodling ensued, this time in Spanish…



Family is everything. Be sure to include them on your New Year’s list of things to remember and be thankful for. Self-betterment plans are all well and good, but don’t forget where you came from (literally…).

Speaking of those plans, what grand schemes do you have for 2015? Tune in tomorrow for a discussion on the agony & the ecstasy of New Year’s resolutions. (Oooooo)