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Iril Apfel, you make me less scared of aging every time I see you! I’ve enjoyed Mrs. Apfel’s interviews and photos (via Manrepeller, Vogue, etc.), then I was reminded of the documentary, “Iris,” produced this year by director Albert Maysles (2015). If you love fashion, flair, wit, confidence, the cutest near centennial, and old couples in love, this documentary is for you.…

Ira Glass on Creative Work

Renowned radio host, writer, and producer Ira Glass shares some thoughts on the creative process. It starts with having passion and good taste for the creative arena you’re drawn to and then the evolution (read: progression) of producing this content unfolds. It’s a long, and ultimately trying process that tests the perseverance of the creative. Can you move from admirer to creating personal content of quality and good taste? Mr. Glass says it well:

Upcoming: My own process reviewed, and the beginnings of a new plan…

Tune in tomorrow for details!




On Creativity: Poet Mark Strand

“Creativity: the Psychology of Discovery and Invention”, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is not only written by an expert with a badass last name, but is a “can’t quite put it down, looking forward to when I can absorb more” kind of read. This is somewhat surprising given that the format of the book is scholarly–this isn’t a tale of fiction or…



With lilacs blooming, herbs for sale at the market, grilled asparagus in the deli, and a few new clothing items in my closet, I’m fully embracing the concept of spring. Walking into our apartment though, it’s occurred to me more and more that the place needs a little airing out, both literally after a warmer day and figuratively. Our living…

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What I’m Reading: March’s “The Act of Creation”

I thought it was time I got some deep reading in, so I’m turning to Arthur Koestler’s “The Act of Creation” where he expounds upon his theory of biosociation, the combinatorial nature of creativity, which joins preexisting ideas with raw material to make “new ideas.” It’s been the epitome of enlightening so far. I’m starting with excerpts from the piece while…


Thoughts on the Creative Process

I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative process lately, which I’ll elaborate upon more in the next few days, but as is the case with most of my musings, I seek the wisdom of the sages, who are of course best archived on Google. Here’s what musician, songwriter, author, and sometimes actor Nick Cave has to say about this…


Nicolas Ouchenir: Calligrapher

For today’s post, I want to share an interview with Nicolas Ouchenir that I was inspired by this weekend. Nicolas Ouchenir has made a career and name for himself by his flair for writing the names of others. A calligrapher whose career path is as unconventional as his craft might seem in today’s techy, modern world, the story of Ourchenir’s…