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The Weekender: Hello Robin

Friends introduced us a few months ago to this little sweet shop on the back side of Capitol Hill, Hello Robin. Serving famed, local Molly Moons ice cream, customers can construct their own ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies such as the Mexican Flourless Chocolate, the Habanero Chocolate Chip, or the Mackels’more, named after another famous, local dual (that’s…


Academic Adventures

For every educator, the coming of August signals the beginning of the end of summer, and dare we say, unmitigated freedom? This is true, I suppose, but don’t worry–it’s not all bad. I was always that kid who looked forward to school starting again because..learning is fun! And so are friends. Until middle school and junior high…but then high school…

Customer Perks!

When you’re friends with the baristas & they let you sample their new techniques for free = YUM & YAY.


Featured here, quick-process cold brew of single origin Columbian roast…aka the art of coffee. Aura Bakery in Kirkland delivers again!

Are you the type that takes comfort and delight in a good cup of joe? Where’s your favorite spot?

Cheers to more delicious June days!


Put A Ladybug On It!

Who doesn’t love a good ode to Portlandia, that eccentric and awkwardly true to life show about our southern sister city. Do we in Seattle think we’re were it’s at? Of course, but Portland’s ok too…in a charmingly hippie sort of way with great taste in food and a city-block sized bookstore (POWELLS, how I love thee…). Today, I was happily able to convert one of Portlandia’s catch phrases into my very own:

Put A Ladybug On It!


Metropolitan Market has the cutest drink lid stickers. Simple pleasures, right?

See that sun on my legs? Yeah, that was pleasurable too.

Not bad, Mr. Monday, not bad…


(Be sure to click the link above for the original, “Put A Bird On It!”)


Cup of Coffee…or a BOWL?

While waiting for Elton yesterday evening, I stopped at DERU Market & Deli in Kirkland (Seattle or Eastside residents, it’s another great stop!) to work on some blogging…and some Facebook. One needs a beverage to accompany these kinds of tasks, so I ordered a 12 oz. decaf Americano. Having set up my little work station–macbook pro, glass of water, moleskin…


But first…

After this, Friday happened. After a long week, and an especially adventurous Thursday morning at the U.S. Passport Agency, it was a relief to have someone make me a special brew both to celebrate this day and carry me through it. And it worked!   Happy Friday, my dears, may your weekend be just right. *Photo taken at Belle Epicurean Bakery,…


City Guide: Once Upon a Time at Storyville Coffee…

Today’s post is the first “City Guide” in an ongoing series of Seattle’s best in food, entertainment, and relaxation. There’s nothing more likely happening at any given moment in Seattle than the purchasing of a cup of espresso in it’s various forms; our first stop in Seattle is therefore a coffee shop, and a fabled one at that. Storyville Coffee is…


Storyville Coffee Stop

In our exploration of the Queen Anne Neighborhood in Seattle, WA, we had to make a coffee stop at Storyville in order for our afternoon to be complete. Here’s a sneak peak from our splendid visit, during which time we enjoyed a gigantic French Press and delectable salted carmel, along with an enlightening coffee brewing demo and general coziness. Details…

No Sugar In My Coffee

I’m feelin this song. I can also resonate with the feeling that a cup of coffee needs to be just so. For me that means sometimes with sugar, sometimes with cinnamon, sometimes with steamed milk, sometimes black. These busy days the most important thing is that I have coffee. Not having it would make “me mean, Lord.” But even if I was, I’d want a song like this to communicate that feeling with the appropriate amount of cool. Ya feel?

Here’s the group “Caught a Ghost” to illustrate: