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San Diego Stories: Day 4

What’s better than being a weekender in San Diego on the first day of August?


Today was spent on food, sunshine, and wandering. Incidentally, these are three of my favorite things, and I was able to do them with my favorite brother (only brother, but he’s real-world cool). Like I said, can there be a better day than this? Nope.

We pretty much haunted Pappalecco during my week stay. Little Italy isn’t far from James’ place, so it was all too easy… Pictured here, there so delicious Ovino Panini, with egg, basil, bacon, cheese, and tomato. The potatoes served alongside where dressed with fresh rosemary and olive oil. The table was silent for 15 minutes.



There was a couple kissing on a nearby roof.



Just looking for Joan…

IMG_3375No luck on Joan, yet. But as I said, we’ve been frequenting this area so there’s time.

This weekender is happy.



San Diego Stories: Day 1

Every 3-5 months, the urge hits me: the need to for the solace and comic relief that only one thing can bring…


This go around, we’d hoped to rally the Clark Clan for our usual fiesta, but unfortunately schedules conflicted so that it’s a Sibling Summer Weekend in San Diego!

James has lived in SD for a few years now and it’s always been one of our absolute favorite cities to visit, from the time my great grandmother lived here when I was a girl. James had his sights set on the area, followed through, and though we are now living farther apart than we’d like, at least it’s a bitchin’ place to go to!

Sublime weather

Foodie dives

Urban boutiques

CA shopping

Beach ‘burbs

Legitimate Italians in Little Italy

What more could a visitor need, right? Not much, my friends, not much.

Happily I booked my trip and smiled broadly each time my iPhone reminded me that I had an upcoming flight. Today was the day and had me ready for takeoff…

Thanks, new Moleskin packaging, for the support!


At the airport, a glance down had me feelin’ fancy.


Clark Clan Forever!


Good times with this Cool Kid:


So far, so GOOD.

Hope your summer holds one last hurrah (or more)!


The Weekender: Bite of Seattle

This weekend’s Bite of Seattle brought out the crowds as usual. We were there mainly because Elton was playing MainStage (#bandwife). Good times, good food to be had! My favorite of the Bite was the Big Boys Filipino Food Truck’s Adobo Tacos. I also thought their sign worthy of a hearty “Amen!”


In a word, EAT.




Best Day This 2015

Today, with the help of my fabulous loved ones, I enjoyed the best day of 2015. One’s birthday is already special in general, to be sure, even if celebrated in the generic way. But a day awash with adventure certainly adds some sparkle to the whole package, making the person opening said gift (the birthday itself) exclaim, “If this isn’t…

The Weekender: Blue Skies

No matter the actual temperature outside, I much prefer the transcendental blue of the sky to the eerie blue of a tanning bed. There’s really no contest, thankfully.

skyThis shot is from a few days ago, so here’s to hoping we get more of this over the weekend!

Go ahead, universe, treat us–after all, it’s May.



If you’re going to San Francisco…

SFYes, be sure to wear a flower in your hair, but also a jacket! Turns out, SF truly is Seattle’s Cousin, with wind instead of rain to tease and toss the unsuspecting visiting pedestrian. We loved our two days in the city while on music tour with our choir, but my, my was it BREEZY. I attempted to wear shorts both days and had to resort to surreptitious changing in the back of the van so I wouldn’t totally freeze.

This being said, as you can see, it was also dazzlingly sunny and quite charming all around. We made a stop at the highly rated “Saigon Sandwich” shop where one smiling, elderly Vietnamese lady takes your Bahn Mi order and immediately the other three put together your order so that you hand the cashier the money and she hands you your sandwich. Fast food but with homemade goodness! The chicken, daikon, carrots, cilantro, and sliced jalapeños were the perfect combo. And what made it even better? That one sandwich cost $3.75. !!!!

We’ll be back!

And now back to real work…

Seattle Blues

seattleToday’s cityscape from Queen Anne Hill in Seattle was sigh-worthy.

As 2014 fades, I’m looking forward to new adventures in this lovely city next year! A new series of posts I’m excited to work on involves more exploration of Seattle and it’s cool spots. I envision sufficient coffee, food, art, and music on the horizon. This is to say that this developing series gives me license to wander to my heart’s content and add it into the budget without guilt since it’s for business…and lots of pleasure. That’s the kind of entrepreneurial work I can commit to. Where’s that dotted line???

The “what” I will be brainstorming is where you come in. Here are some opinions I’m very interested in:

1. When you spend a day in your favorite city, what spots/past times do you make sure not to miss?

2. When you visit a new city, what do you look for or look to do?

3. Are you a foodie?

4. Are you an art aficionado?

5. Do you like to meander on foot? Preferred city transportation?

6. Do you think about costs?

7. What’s your favorite city?

You can leave answers in the comment section or via email (see the Contact page). Thanks for your feedback!