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Christmas Eve Excitement

First, we live in Seattle, so there’s this to be found on Christmas Eve: Seattle sports fan family delivers some serious CHEER. 150,000 lights and seven weeks later, the family has a full light show synched to music (Uptown Funk among others!), and a snow train village inside the house which the public has access too. What??? It’s kind of unreal.…


12th Day of Mini Gifts: Christmas Bell Ring

December 24 *** The day has come to give in to all the wild, joyous abandon that is Christmas. On this Eve of Christmas 2014, it’s your opportunity to get outfitted with holiday cheer–the colors, the sparkle, the jingle, jingle, jingle! As cliché as sleigh bells might be about this time of life, there’s something quintessentially charming about this little…


10th Day of Mini Gifts: Stackable Rings

December 22 *** Oh yes, another fall/winter trend…and for spring/summer actually: Stackable Rings! These delicate, tiny beauties are the perfect accessory for add a little glam to any outfit. Available in countless designs at countless stores, they are also an easy find. Here are a few I fancy: Jennie Kwon Designs Blue Sunflowers Meadowbelle Market Since adding sparkle is the established,…


9th Day of Mini Gifts: Small Succulents

December 21 *** I’m a fan of succulents for several reasons: 1) They are all the rage right now, so one feels very modern chic when surrounded by succulents, 2) They are sold everywhere for reasonable prices, 3) They are always in season, and 4) I can’t kill them as easily. The fourth reason is truly the reason I like…

How much Christmas is too much Christmas?

While this is an extremely charming Christmas-themed cake and girl, I don’t know…it’s a bit MUCH.



Perhaps it’s the holly in the hair, the fur jacket, the puffy white dress, the red lipstick, the pine trees in the back group, the pinecones all over the cake, the tree stump cake stand, and the inevitable mound of snow she is likely sinking into. It seems like a lot.

Does that make me a Scrooge?

Granted, the ensemble is definitely festive. Feverishly so. But hey, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, so one might as well be enveloped by it all. I think that’s the idea.



6th Day of Mini Gifts: Baby Nutella

December 18 *** I’ve posted on Baby Nutella before and though it’s the “same” Nutella, it’s so not. Not in that little jar. Nutella is always delicious and then seeing these tiny versions adds to the temptation, but any associated guilt is completely negated by the knowledge that nothing that small can be that harmful. That is bliss at its…