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Apartment Art Acquisition

Seattle’s quirky, stylish, and entertaining neighborhoods in typography!


(I even already have a frame! This thing is going up…)

This is part of my Spring Refreshing Campaign at home. It’s not really a full-fleged thing yet, but it’s going to be…That’s the plan.

Sprucing up the scene at home seems a logical place to start. Chic & organized without, chic & organized within? Here’s to hoping!


Design Department: Sound!

Something you may not know is that I help Elton direct a high school choir. Elton is the creative genius behind the ensemble, specializing in gospel, jazz, and contemporary choral arrangements (of his own arranging! Proud much, am I? YEAH). The whole business is quite entertaining and currently, we’re prepping for our spring music tour to San Francisco, which we…

Paper Ice Cream & Popsicles!

I stumbled across a too-cute tutorial today and irresistibly, this happened:


There are more templates, so I suspect more designs will be added to our home decor the rest of this week… I’m trying to think of a cute display or way to share them in a none crazy-crafty way. What do you suggest? Any ideas?

Now it’s just a matter of not trying to ingest them…


*Thanks to Mr. Printables for these fun designs!

More Vonnegutisms

Recently things have been more hectic that usual–lots of reasons for this which I will share soon, but for this evening, I’ll leave you with another quote from dearest Kurt Vonnegut Jr. dedicated to all those pursuing the arts either as a career or as a passionate aficionado. What would we do without people like you?


Yes!!! I love it. You may have noticed I’ve been posted on a variety of authors, directors, and musicians during this last week–something about the spring weather has me feeling motivated to seek inspiration, and I’ve been thankful to have the talents of others in the art world to look to.

Who do you look to for inspiration and motivation?

What soothes your soul when it comes to refreshment and enlightenment?

Are you an artist?

Are you an art fan?

I’d love to hear from you below. Whatever your uplifting source, may you have a little time to spend enjoying it today.



Thoughts on the Creative Process

I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative process lately, which I’ll elaborate upon more in the next few days, but as is the case with most of my musings, I seek the wisdom of the sages, who are of course best archived on Google. Here’s what musician, songwriter, author, and sometimes actor Nick Cave has to say about this…


Fan Girl: Chapter 3

One year after my star-struck moment with Art Spiegelman, my heart did a rather noticeable flip-flop, with a gasp to match. I took a moment to digest what I seeing on the SeattleMet Upcoming Events webpage: David Sedaris, April 29, 2012. DAVID SEDARIS??? I’d mourned for a couple of hours upon realizing I’d somehow missed his last visit to the area…


Fan Girl: Chapter 2

It was the spring of my senior year of college–in other words, it was a sunny, rather flowery time, suspended between responsibility and carefree hopes. In retrospect, the image of myself riding a Schwinn cruiser around campus and wearing the same jeans nearly every day was telling. If only all of the symbols I encountered in my literature studies had…


Nicolas Ouchenir: Calligrapher

For today’s post, I want to share an interview with Nicolas Ouchenir that I was inspired by this weekend. Nicolas Ouchenir has made a career and name for himself by his flair for writing the names of others. A calligrapher whose career path is as unconventional as his craft might seem in today’s techy, modern world, the story of Ourchenir’s…