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Excursions: Rosario Marine Station

Job perks include school trips here and there–for instance, during my educational extravaganza, I’ve traveled to such locales as Mexico, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Belize, and Peru. !!!! I know. It’s even crazy for me to list out, honestly. Talk about fortunate. Annually, our school heads north to an equally as gorgeous and inspiring realm, the…


The Venture: Envisioning

It’s continued to be very busy–with work, off-duty activities, and yes, brainstorming like mad on this venture thing. Most of the time, my mind is whirling at all hours, making for some sleepless nights and early rises because ideas don’t really let you rest. I hear this is a good thing. …Let’s do hope so! Here’s a bit of what’s…


The Weekender: Nature Advice

So, you’ve got plans in the great outdoors this weekend? You’re thinking about it? Well, I’m always an advocate for some fresh air, but do consider: Keep both eyes open, you know? Especially for any movement in the trees… It probably seems like I’m hating on Mother Nature, which isn’t exactly the case. I’m just vigilant about outdoor escapades that…

San Diego Stories: Day 6

On a previous trip, we (read: I) discovered the top-rated Mexican Bakery in San Diego, Panchitas. This is a very important fact to know if you are hispanic and love pastries. Check, check! Now, it’s a routine stop that only costs a few dollars since every item is $1 and under. Freshly made sweet breads, empanadas (pumpkin!), and other treats make for very good Monday mornings.




IMG_3472Sugar and spice and everything nice…

And crazy.



San Diego Stories: Day 5

HWY 1 Road Trip!

From San Diego, we headed north to the fanciness of Dana Point & Laguna Beach. Bumpin’ to Spotify’s #SundayFunday playlist set the proper tone with songs like “Cheerleader” (OMIi), “Honey, I’m Good” (Andy Grammar), and “The Walker” (Fitz & the Tantrums). In fact, you should probably tune up these to conjure up your own beach mood as you continue reading.

Here’s “Cheerleader” for your convenience:

Let’s drive!









San Diego Stories: Day 3 at the Races

The Clark have always been drawn in by horse racing. The clutching your hands as the horses fly across the finish line kind of thing–in movies.

National Velvet

Ben Hur


Intense moments!

I’d never actually seen a real horse race until today. The Del Mar Race Track is only 15 miles away, so it was off to the races for these two Clarks. The emotions of the crowd, the manicured track, and horses with names like “Food Stamps” made my childhood visions come to life. And what a day it was…





Wins? Nope.

Funs? YEAH.

Included in this day’s adventures was a lost & recovered purse (me = stressed, deliriously relieved), missed trains (us = nooooo!!!!), and nightlife people watching. Adventures!