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After all my lofty talk of inspiration, creativity, academia, and research, it is time to take a minute for the more visceral side of things. Project Runway’s Tim Gunn is fond of using this term to describe that bodily and emotional reaction to something–when you really feel it. The word “visceral” sounds intense enough to embody its meaning, and when used in everyday conversation, is sure to be a show-stopper–or at least a show-pauser.

“My reaction to what you’re saying right now is so visceral.”

“Wow, this painting, so incredibly visceral.”

“This song makes me just wanna shake it with how visceral it is.”


Especially the last example, right?

Now, let’s be clear, inspirational, creative, and academic things can certainly provoke visceral responses in that they endow us with great feeling, at times hard to explain. [Sidetone: every time I hear or use that phrase, “hard to explain,” I hear Shakira saying/singing it a la “Hips don’t lie.” They don’t, btw…] These responses link the esoteric to the physical in a way that is intimate, if not mysterious.

At the present moment, however, my use of the term is according to the basic dictionary definition, “relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.” You know, that physical stuff. So here we go, yesterday while scrolling through the eye candy that is Instagram, I came across this from Buzzfeed Style and experienced two reactions:


First reaction: “DAMN.” I have this thing for Matt Bomer that is not dependent upon his sexual orientation. There’s beauty and then there’s Matt Bomer.

Second reaction: “I always feel like that.” (agreeing with the caption, “When you realized it wasn’t Friday and needed to take a moment.”) The caveat is that if I could elicit the kind of visceral reaction that Matt can with how I took a moment, I probably wouldn’t care much about the day. As it was, this photo had me forgetting it was actually Wednesday, a whole two days away from Friday. Suddenly it didn’t matter anymore.

In truth, right now I’m continuing to revel in summer vacation (the teacher’s consolation prize) so Monday, Wednesday, Friday–they’re all the same really, for about 3 more weeks. When contract hits and we’re back to the graphite grindstone, I may need to take several moments. When I do, I’ll picture this photo to distract myself.



*Thanks, Buzzfeed Style!

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