Let us commence!

It’s been QUITE the weekend due to graduation at the high school where we work. I’m the senior class sponsor, so my duties have been extensive, and were made more so by a small added detail: Elton and I were asked to speak for Commencement!

I know, wild, right?

We actually spoken before for other years and other grad programs–including Commencement for me my second year of teaching. But we haven’t done it together and when we were asked to do it as a duo, I’ll admit, I was couple-centrically stoked! Our students have taken to calling us Team Z, so we knew that once we accepted, it was on.

The plot summary is we concocted a grand plan which included advice on being true to self and finding personal success, intermittent singing of songs from the 80s & 90s with real tracks, and an outlandish gallery of face-swapped pictures of the senior class achieving dreams they’d shared in a survey. (Think Judge Judy, Jacky Joyner-Kersey, and Donald Trump with a seniors’ faces superimposed.)

In a word, the event was EPIC. Or so we’ve been told over and over again–to be honest, it’s getting slightly awkward receiving the mass of earnest compliments. While we are thrilled the speech went so well, we only have a few more “Oh my, thank YOUs” in us. Whew…

We’re in the process of receiving a copy of the talk, so I’ll share a link later. For now, here we are putting Commencement in motion and having a lot of fun doing it!

gradtalkCongratulations, Senior Class of 2015!

We wish you the very best. For ourselves too.

Collective success, that’s what we’re talking about!


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