Fan Girl: Chapter 3

One year after my star-struck moment with Art Spiegelman, my heart did a rather noticeable flip-flop, with a gasp to match. I took a moment to digest what I seeing on the SeattleMet Upcoming Events webpage: David Sedaris, April 29, 2012.


I’d mourned for a couple of hours upon realizing I’d somehow missed his last visit to the area the year before. Another opportunity! I went to Benaroya Hall that very afternoon and didn’t even blink at the price for two tickets. Elton was told he was also going. He was fine with it.

In the meantime, I was of course busy with work and life, but in my free moments when I remembered that I would be seeing DAVID SEDARIS in the near future, these sorts of Moleskin entries happened:


My first encounter with David Sedaris was through his audio book version of When You Are Engulfed in Flames. After finishing the tracks, and downloading (probably illegally) the library discs, I purchased most of Sedaris’ books in paper form and got to reading. Elton and my roommate Kelsey were subjected to various impromptu readings in the apartment living room. I’m sure they were mostly interested in what was for dinner, but I kept getting distracted by each hilarious essay I was discovering–from “Jesus Shaves” in Me Talk Pretty One Day to “Smoking Section” in When You Are Engulfed in Flames to Holiday on Ice as a whole, I giggled and flipped pages with glee.

This was why my disappointed was great when I realized I’d missed out on Sedaris in Seattle and why my excitement was so immense when I saw he was returning. I was so ready.

The day came, we arrived early–a break from our tradition of always being “fashionably late” (right…). It likely had something to do with me declaring, “We are getting there on time” with a certain amount of intensity. Benaroya Hall, as with Spiegelman’s talk, made the evening feel especially luxe with its Opera House style layout and posh seating. We settled in among the cultured of Seattle and were not disappointed. It was night of laughs, our favorite segment being a series of diary entries Sedaris shared from his musings on the road. I sincerely hope these end up in a published book someday (so that I can purchase it, of course). Here are a few quotes I managed to scribble down:


Then came time for the author signings…the line was again long, just like with Spiegelman. As we approached, this time Elton began to chuckle at my slight hopping from foot to foot, which increased ever more slightly with every step closer.

“Wow, what are you doing? You’re so giddy!” He noted, shaking his head and smiling, “I’ve never seen you like this.” Well, I’d never been about to meet David Sedaris before.

Suddenly I was there, in front of his table, handing him my book, and mumbling something about him being the author who lured me to the side of nonfiction (I’d always been a “Once Upon A Time” kind of kid…revel me with tales, not real stuff!). I had him to thank for various other amazing authors who I may never have discovered had he not sold me on “the personal essay.” Somehow I made it sound much more juvenile, though as I read that previous sentence again, it does give you a pretty good idea of how awkward my ode was. He asked me if I’d ever seen the television show “Fast & Furious,” different than the movies. I hadn’t, and I felt so uncool. He said it was a good show and proceeded to sign my copy of “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” (a symbol of my infatuation with his style and storytelling, known only to me…and my household–thankfully I held back on sharing that tidbit). My face felt hot.

The Well-Worn Copy

Sedaris3 The Inside Cover…


Let’s watch shows from the comfort of our homes together??? It would be my pleasure!!! I admit I held the book close to my chest in the car and Elton continued to shake his head in wonderment. “You looked like a bashful, excited girl and you were even blushing! I don’t think you’ve ever acted that way toward me!” he accused laughingly. He had a point; my face had begun to resemble the bulb of a thermometer head. In truth, my emotion had been an intoxicating addition to the evening. That kind of affectation is always so exhilarating.


(that’s it as punctuation)

That evening we went, we laughed, and returned home very happy (namely me). Pulling out my signed book this afternoon to snap these photos brought back the fun memories and I was reminded of how essential it is to explore, aspire, and most of all, to simply enjoy what we love. Does that mean it’s ok to be a Fan Girl after all? I hope so, because it’s pretty fun…within reason of course…or without.




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  1. Talea Anderson
    November 19, 2014 at 1:11 am

    This is FANTASTIC 😀

    • azebron
      November 19, 2014 at 5:47 pm

      It was. 😀

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