Excursions: Getting my zen (& giggles) on

We’re continuing to revel in the fresh, ocean air ( = frizzy head, but no matter!). Events have included team building and a day trip around the city of Anacortes, WA. Teacher impressions have made us laugh, among other odd moments and nature’s allure has kept up peaceful. Happy Times!


“The Store” in town is famous for their muffins and my, my, did they live up to the rep. I’m not exactly a muffin (wo)man, but was quite content with my Caramel Apple choice. I was also immensely amused by their restroom sign, promoting the right way to carry out “The Entire Performance:”



There were also these:


Then there was another one of these:


which led me to feel this way about the day in general:


Zen & Giggles

Yoga instructors may not be believers, but I am.


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