Commercial Patriotism: Seattle Life

As predictable as the unpredictable autumn air is the ultimate flying fandom known in these parts as HAWK SEASON. I know plenty of historic football realms boasts their colors every Friday in preparation for the weeks’ duels, but since the Seahawks’ 2014 Superbowl win, it’s been Fan Friday every fall since. It’s the dads, the moms, the children, babies, and yes, the miniature dogs clad in jerseys (like, the real kind!) that makes an outsider feel the pressure. While we are Cowboys fans at heart, I have to admit (with chagrin) that I don’t make my loyalties known when surrounded by this flock. It seems dangerous.

Just as common as Seahawks fans are Starbucks Coffee Shops. Maybe even more common? It’s hard to tell right now. And being the savvy mega-corporation they are, Starbucks has cashed in on this hype and turned it into a pretty dollar (more dollars than they usually make…? Anyway). You know how the Pumpkin Spice Latte (monikered the “PSL”), and the Christmas holiday cups are customer favorites?

May I present the Seahawks Nation Cup:


And I had to drink out of this.

Traitorous, really, but so it goes when one needs a quick coffee.


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