Comic Relief

Sometimes comic relief walks down the runway.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and hypnotized by the headiness of fashion week, so maybe that’s why some designers take more of a “shock value approach”–to attract attention, and…laughs?

I’ll let you be the judge based on selected looks that walked among us recently…


I used to be a punk rocker when I was a kid.


 I always wanted to go on an African Safari and blend in with the wildness.


Chi Chi’s in Velvet

Meadham Kirchhoff…ok! You brought it. Whatever it was. 


At times, Max Mara seemed a bit…


Admittedly a look like this does take some work, so there’s that.

However, the best of class should go to Moschino for pulling off “Bubbly Barbie” in every look. Those beaming smiles are priceless (almost as much as the clothes!), the hair is Dolly Parton glam, and even though the show did creep me out a little, the amusement score was indisputably high. I had a grin-mace:


To borrow from LMFAO, “I work out!”


Matel Girl in a Material World

(this canNOT be real life, can it?)


Fuck it, let’s go skating!

This needs to be seen live.

I suppose we’ll never know for certain what was in the minds of these inventors of the imaginative. We were supposed to laugh, yes? Cry? Scream? Sigh in ecstasy?

A mix of all of the above might be the most convenient catch-all, and the most inevitable.

These creations could also make for a rousing game of competitive dress-up, to be filmed in the raw style of reality TV:

“I challenge you to a duel of drapery!”

“I dare you to wear that!”

“Bang, bang, Bitch!”

The possibilities, as you can see, are basically endless. Just like on the runway.

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  3 comments for “Comic Relief

  1. Talea Anderson
    September 21, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    You should really propose the duel of the drapery idea to Project Runway. I think they’d snap that up in a heartbeat. (Also….the barbie women are so creepy!).

    • azebron
      September 21, 2014 at 11:13 pm

      I do love a good episode of Project Runway! And yes, real life Barbies are quite creepy…

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