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San Diego Stories: Day 7

Last day, last stops, and last laughs, until next time!

Thanks, James, for the best week with the best brother.

You rock.


I hate goodbyes, but at least I’m headed home to another favorite person, Elton.

I hope your summer has afforded you the opportunity to spend it with the ones you love as well!


San Diego Stories: Day 2

Basically, I love this place. Always have. Here’s me loving it and Great Grandma way back at 4 years old:


As a child, wonderment over palms and ocean waves, Balboa Park, Sea World (yes, before we knew better), and the freedom of vacation spelled out an idyllic week in beautiful San Diego. These days, I’ve added cultural and foodie pleasures to my “SD To-Do List.” James, I’m glad you’ve moved here.


Before setting out, we stopped for our third time in two days at Pappalecco in Little Italy for our cool coffees. Pappalecco’s has been voted SD’s best coffee stop for 2015, with the best Italian staff. (James, marry one of those girls, please!) Their affrogatos will elevate your soul.

solana2We then got our zen on by riding north on the Coaster up to Carlsbad for eats, with a stop & stroll at Solana Beach.


While a touch cloudy, the ocean air was sultry, with enough zest to give me beach waves…of the bumpy, frizzed out variety. You can keep your salt sprays, I’m good.

A night out on the town followed, accompanied by live music and lots of laughter. This is the stuff of summer dreams.



Anniversary Day!

The sappiness continues! We went to Vancouver, BC, on our honeymoon three years ago, so we decided to return for a day of fun lovin’. A happy Hotwire deal for a 4 star hotel, passports in hand, and Spotify blasting our favorite tunes, we hit the road and continued to entertain ourselves with the kind of humor only permissible with…


Reliving Love

I can’t actually remember when my husband Elton and I started officially dating. It was one of those natural, irresistible progressions from friendship to interest to dating exclusively. The kind that you don’t see coming (at all!) but are super excited about when it hits. Our romance is one of our favorite stories, I suppose that’s true of most couples–am…

The Way I Was

Remember that wiry, energetic little thing I described yesterday?


Here I am in all of my early, glowing¬†glory! See those sinewy, pale limbs? At a fearless four years old, this is the way I was, and would be for many years more. Just ask my 14 year old self, worriedly still waiting for her period…

But for the moment pictured, I was all jumps & smiles. Timing matters though, as this was just prior to a series of sprained arms and an epically broken elbow. I had to learn that despite my deep faith, I was not in fact the Wonder Woman, whom I was emulating by vaulting off over the back of a dining chair. My feet caught on the chair and I crushed my left arm upon landing. Stung even worse than shampoo in my eyes or when Mom would violently comb my hair. I took it as an opportunity to work on my ambidexterity though, so it was cool. My mom still has my right-handed scribbled hearts and alphabet stored in curated “Keepsake” boxes.

Exuberant, enchanted by life, and eager for adventure, I find myself wishing for those days whenever summer comes around.