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All Good Things

Blogging, what an adventure, you have been! I can honestly say these last 14 months have constituted the longest period in my life of sticking with a daily task. While self-congratulatory, I do feel I’ve this small accolade to myself because I’ve always been one to struggle with follow through. So many grand ideas, or grandly entertainingly ideas, that stay in the embryonic stage, you know?

The Late Break has been a true outlet, a medium for me to share my thoughts, commentary, photos, and general reaction to life as a 21st century girl. For those who have been readers along the way–thank you! Sincerely.

I suppose by now it may be evident from this slightly sentimental tone that some news or change is about to be announced. Indeed it is! I’ve shared my new venture idea already–taking my typography to the next level–and the time has come for me to pause in my daily Late Break activities in order to concentrate more fully on this next chapter.

Today is my last Late Break posting. Right now, I’m fairly certain I will be launching a new site soon with an online shop, and it’s own blog. Perhaps I should simply consider this a shift and renaming of what will remain a good time online, right?

Thanks, Late Break, for a place to post 443 consecutive musings! I hope to continue blogging and promoting fun stuff in the future. While this transition doesn’t exactly entail a “revolution” in the fullest sense, in many ways it does for me. Reimagining, editing, and relaunching is my next project–I hope you’ll keep me in mind! While good things do come to an end, there’s something inevitably awesome about new beginnings.




*When the new site is launched, info will be shared here as the final post. Thanks!




The Weekender: Café Besalu

One sweet treat stop seems to always lead to another… Sunday morning, we felt inspired to make the mini-journey to Ballard, another beloved Seattle neighborhood. My Dad and my all time favorite bakery in the city is located in a small, always-crowded-out-to-the-street shop, the very french Café Besalu. Open Wednesday through Sunday, 7am-3pm, it’s worth the drive, as stated in…


The Weekender: Hello Robin

Friends introduced us a few months ago to this little sweet shop on the back side of Capitol Hill, Hello Robin. Serving famed, local Molly Moons ice cream, customers can construct their own ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies such as the Mexican Flourless Chocolate, the Habanero Chocolate Chip, or the Mackels’more, named after another famous, local dual (that’s…

The Friday Philosopher, Is. 3

It’s that time again! Another week, another chance to pause and ponder. You know, stuff. We happen to happily be wading in greek literature right now, thus prompting this Friday forum on free will. The Greek understanding of this is, shall we say, rather complicated. On one hand, man desires to be master of his own destiny, but gods and goddesses being who they are, and the fates being who they are, etc…well, it can get tricky. So what to do?


Life lesson here?

Go your own way!

Or something like that.

~ Happy Friday ~




Iril Apfel, you make me less scared of aging every time I see you! I’ve enjoyed Mrs. Apfel’s interviews and photos (via Manrepeller, Vogue, etc.), then I was reminded of the documentary, “Iris,” produced this year by director Albert Maysles (2015). If you love fashion, flair, wit, confidence, the cutest near centennial, and old couples in love, this documentary is for you.…


Commercial Patriotism: Seattle Life

As predictable as the unpredictable autumn air is the ultimate flying fandom known in these parts as HAWK SEASON. I know plenty of historic football realms boasts their colors every Friday in preparation for the weeks’ duels, but since the Seahawks’ 2014 Superbowl win, it’s been Fan Friday every fall since. It’s the dads, the moms, the children, babies, and…