Anniversary Party: Best of 2014

The Late Break began last July, 2014, and it’s been a full year!


That’s how I feel.

This blog has a lot of growing to do yet, including perfecting its product for the public. But I have to say that this year, as quiet as it’s been for me on this site, has been truly FUN. Perusing and writing for entertainment has always been a past time and a need for me. This blog has been the best kind of personalized space in which to do that. It’s also been a year of unprecedented perseverance for me–logging 365+ posts is something I’d hoped to do be able to accomplish when I started, but the number was honestly daunting. The mantra of “something every day,” along with encouragement from Elton and other blogs, helped me keep plugging away and here we are!

So to celebrate, today and tomorrow, I’m taking a little trip down memory lane of favorite posts from each month. Starting in 2014, here’s what made me smile a bit wider–hope they do the same for you!

1. Will Soccer Make Me Single?

For a couple of years, this was burning the question. Nothing like a new sport, requiring refined, foreign motor skill movement to make a girl question her supposed coordination and wit. Here’s an excerpt of my sentiments at the time:

The perma-grimace I had in the second half of my own first game gave away the fact that this personal stroke with football fate was not as fun as spectating. At all. In truth, it had started with soccer practices we’d begun having before I joined a team. My incentive was spending some active time with the HOT soccer player. I should have taken it as a sign of trials to come when my idea of “kicking the ball around” at the park philosophically collided with Elton’s soccer bootcamp sessions.

These sessions were the real deal–so much so that I even mentioned them in my wedding vows, “I will love you, despite soccer practices…”

Of course, now I’m game for any game we can possibly play in–it’s now one of my favorite past times. This is due to being much more comfortable with the ball at my foot and the tactics in my head. There’s nothing like fear of failure to allow one the opportunity to reckon with self a little though, so the painful beginnings to my recreational career on the turf are healthy to remember. But never to experience again.


2. The Art of Avoidance

You know the feeling, you’re out and about and suddenly you’re moments away from colliding with someone you know and you’re just not feeling it.

These conversations tend to use a curious amount of energy and are interminably long; you can’t be sure how long exactly due to the first half being fogged up by the confusion of this social collision:

“Oh! Wow, hi…fancy seeing you here…you grocery shop just like me…like those celebrity ‘just like us’ pics…never mind. Those are so dumb. …so how are you?”

These chats inevitably end after a series of possible last lines following other possible last lines, until finally no one can think of anything else to say and cheerful best wishes are given for what’s left to salvage of the afternoon. Most likely one or both parties leave a bit more exhausted from their unexpected colloquial efforts. Ok, what I am even doing here? Food, right. What’s left on my list? Oh, everything. 

This post (and the three others in the series) is for you. With helpful pictograms included, this series will guide you in the best ways to avoid interactions gracefully and stealthily. Like a ninja.

Diagram 3


3. Snookie & Dookie Take Fashion Week

Ah, Paris in September, with streets filled with style! Snooki & Dookie are two terrifically tiny characters who get up to all sorts of adventures in their spare time, some of which have been shared here on this blog. This particular entry documents their rather epic trip to Paris in pursuit of the truth about Fashion Week–is it all its cracked up to be? Dookie, ever the skeptic, needs persuading.

“Snookie, what’s the big deal with fashion shows anyway?” Dookie struck a dramatic pose as if he was a cross between a runway model and a tragedian.

“Well Dook, it’s like…art! The clothes, you know.”

“You don’t even like wearing clothes!” This was true. But Snookie defended himself,

“If you see it for yourself, you might change your mind.” Dookie pondered this–he had heard some sweet stuff about Paris.

A hop, skip, and jump into someone’s carry-on landed them in the city of love. Dookie was still somewhat disgruntled due to being wedged beside a bottle of super strong Chanel No. 5 (what kind of name was that?), which had spilled somewhere over the Atlantic. He positively reeked.

You’ll have to finish the story through the link above. It’s rich.



4. On Miniaturism: Fig. 6

Part of Snookie & Dookie’s charm is that they are tiny. You see, I have this things for small things, and I write about it in my “On Miniaturism” series. Each post showcases lovably little items that, I think you will agree, are not only cute in their own right, but make life that much better because of their existence. This particular entry celebrates my discovery of a new kind of fruit, Kiwi Berries, which I had never seen before. Also being a fruit lover, my response was somewhat hyperbolic:

How did I not know about these little treasures before?

Kiwi Berries are about the size of grapes and when soft to the touch, they’re as sweet as their ripe, much larger and fuzzier parents (they’re honestly too cute not to squeeze…that’s not really a line of reasoning you can use in everyday life, so enjoy it with the berries).

Inside they also mirror the bigger species identically. It’s all very amazing. They’re ADORABLE!

They also taste divine, so I was basically beside myself, with a handful of berries. Have you tried these before?



5. Fan Girl: Ch. 3

The joy of being a fan! It’s so exhilarating and somehow elicits emotions you didn’t even know you had inside of you–perhaps giddy giggles, super loud cheers, screams, hateful threats (against opposing fans), or tears of defeat. It constitutes an experience unlike any other, and one that millions the world round relish in having throughout the year for various reasons. Why is this? Because being a fan rocks! Especially when what/who you’re a fan of rocks. That’s when those mysterious tears of devotion start to flow. My history of fandom is documented here, divided among several stories where my dedication leads to poignant moments, both of adoration and ridiculousness. Fan Girl: Ch. 3 shares my evening with David Sedaris:

One year after my star-struck moment with Art Spiegelman, my heart did a rather noticeable flip-flop, with a gasp to match. I took a moment to digest what I seeing on the SeattleMet Upcoming Events webpage: David Sedaris, April 29, 2012.


I’d mourned for a couple of hours upon realizing I’d somehow missed his last visit to the area the year before. Another opportunity! I went to Benaroya Hall that very afternoon and didn’t even blink at the price for two tickets. Elton was told he was also going. He was fine with it.

Read the rest of the tale through the link above! (The rest of the series is pretty fun too.)



6. NYE Inspiration

Then it was the flurry and family time of Christmas somehow, during which I posted a Mini Gift Guide for (myself) everyone also susceptible to small things. Posting about Christmas took over the month, really, so if you like Santa & Sparkles, you should check out December.

After all that though, December 31, New Year’s Eve, arrived. My December post picked for you is a photograph taken at Aura Bakery (an established favorite) because it was the kind of unplanned, luxurious shot that makes winter magical. It also earned me many compliments on Instagram. You can read more about NYE fears, resolutions, and Aura Bakery by going to this post, but may I present the photo:



And that, my friends, was 2014! Thank you so much for your support, comments, and suggestions through these past months. The Late Break is about exploring life and frequently laughing at it–I know I did, and so enjoyed sharing it with you.

But this Anniversary Party isn’t done yet! Coming up, the Best of 2015 (so far). It’ll be a good time.


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