A New Venture

As is the case with most developments in life, new ideas and phases are always initiated by exposure to changes in his or her world and perspective. I could chat about this evolutionary process at length, but let’s cut to the subject at hand which is “A New Venture.” A series of happenings and discoveries in my life in the last 6 months has resulted in the formation of a plan and a platform that I am becoming increasingly excited to put into action.

As you know, I’ve been blogging for just over a year now, in an unprecedented daily fashion. This exercise in perseverance hasn’t always been easy or as fluid as I would like at times. Honestly though, knowing myself as I do, I began this undertaking well aware that I am ever the excited & idealistic beginner and that my follow through kind of sucks. I’ve shared some of my historic bright ideas, from childhood to the present, and the common thread is a tendency to waver in focus, to grow weary with waiting, to become bored with routine, and generally fade out, running after a new, surely better luminescent plan.

Can you identify at all? I have a feeling this is human nature for many, but I’ll speak for myself and say this has always and ever been who I am. I feel like “potentially” is one of the more apt adverbs that help describe the action of my life.

And then I committed to blogging. Now, the fact is I have hardly any followers–I mostly write for myself, which can be a bit disheartening, but I can say with absolute certainty that this exercise has been the most beneficial and truly habit-changing thing I’ve ever done. Looking at my blog dashboard tells me I’ve published 423 posts (and counting!). Seriously, not to be overly dramatic, but damn. Who is this stranger? She’s making us so proud! (I hope?)

This endeavor has made me smile, laugh, smirk, sigh, and yes, shed tears. Writing is hard. Writing every day is really hard. Trying to create content that matters is sometimes too hard. Figuring out this blogging world has been the hardest of all, especially because I haven’t yet! Based on what I have been able to do though, which is to remain focused and plugging away day after day, I’ve developed a fresh confidence that I can stick with a project and see it through. This is, like, a revelation. Mainly it’s maturation into what I hope are more great things ahead.

This bring us back to the topic of today’s post, A New Venture, because I have a plan of attack! Allow me to pitch my proposal to you today:

The Late Break will be undergoing a transformation into a personal business site promoting my typography projects as digital designs, printed on products.

These designs will be original pieces (some already aired here and tagged “doodles” and “typography”), sold as wall art prints and eventually, clothing items.

*Addendum: My new site will not be the Late Break, but rather a new site better equipped to host a shop and other business features. More info to come! See, it’s coming together…


… Yeah! The details of my venture are still coming together, however, you can expect changes to this site in the next couple of months, including an online shop. !!! Clearly, I have busy days ahead. That said, I’m thrilled because this is something I’m passionate about and have dreamed of doing for a long time. I know posting this plan now is perhaps premature, but I wanted to share because making my goal public seems like a healthy way to get things rolling and to be held accountable.

If you’ll allow me a few more moments, I’d like to tell you about a handful of other influential factors that have led to this venture. First of all, I’ve mentioned several blogs that inspire me on a daily basis; these include Garance Doré, A Beautiful Mess, and Man Repeller. Each of these sites is unique–from fashion to home decor to social commentary–and I adore them for their respective content & style. Included on these sites are online stores and products designed by these creative business owners. To say I’ve been inspired is an understatement. I realize this all probably sounds incredibly sappy; sorry, but these are 100% real feelings! Not only have I enjoyed being a follower and fan of these ladies’ work, but I’ve been able to glean helpful tips and guidance on how to get personal projects going. Ladies, thank you!

In addition, recently I’ve discovered a game-changing podcast called “Start Up,” begun by Alex Bloomberg of NPR’s “This American Life.” Bloomberg began this series as an honest telling of something that “happens every day in America, but is hardly ever documented”: starting a business. He shares the conception, planning, and building of his business, Gimlet Media, in the series and includes all of the wobbly details. Not even through the 1st season yet, I’m already completely mesmerized. Aside from being totally entertaining and at times painfully funny, Bloomberg’s insights and lessons learned from his experience is the best kind of “how-to.” While my plan isn’t on the same scale as Gimlet Media, listening to these podcasts and learning from them has pushed me to take my longing to attempt such a venture more seriously. In other words, I’m ready to take the plunge!

Oh yeah, and Ira Glass’s comments on the subject of creative work I posted about yesterday didn’t hurt either.

Alright, alright, that’s probably enough effusion for one day; I’ll pause here. Thank you for letting me share and giving me a place to document the beginnings of a new creative phase in my life–one that includes business no less! Who would have thought?

Here’s to new ideas and their realization through sweaty perseverance!



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